Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating in Walnut Creek

Owning a commercial building comes with many responsibilities. Some of these are to your floors. Keeping floors clean, safe and attractive always benefits your business. A well-maintained, beautiful property is one in which customers feel inclined to visit. And it goes without saying that the safety of your clients and employees should always be a priority.

Commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings address all these needs. Epoxy floor coating is simple for our contractors to install. Once applied, it provides a seamless, high-performance surface. Our professionals guarantee your epoxy flooring will last long into your building's life.

Sustainable Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions

If your company is invested in going green, epoxy is the way to do so. When installed by an eco-friendly company like Baltodano's Drywall, epoxy flooring is a sustainable solution. A high-quality epoxy doesn't contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are dangerous to the environment and to human health. By choosing epoxy coatings, you reduce the number of toxic vapors that enter the atmosphere.

Because of its durability, professionally-installed epoxy flooring can last for decades without replacement. This means less waste and more savings! And, since epoxy floor coatings go on seamlessly, they're easy to clean. Other flooring systems have grooves, seams or grout. These need to be cleaned often and with harsh chemicals to remove bacteria and mold. Cleaning epoxy floors just requires soap and water. Maintenance is eco-friendly and efficient!

Commercial Epoxy Flooring for Safety

If you own a commercial building, your employees' and customers' safety comes first. That's why epoxy floor paint is the first choice for businesses. Its resins have remarkable slip-resistant properties to prevent accidents on-site. Don't let its beautiful, shiny surface deceive you. It's highly effective as a slip-resistant coating. It also resists fire, heat, and water. With so many protective properties, epoxy is an ideal flooring solution.

Epoxy Floor Installations

Baltodano's Drywall understands you have a business to run. From repairs to topcoats, our fast installation services take no more than a day or two. By minimizing downtime, you can meet your renovation deadlines.

But we don't just promise less downtime for your business. We also consider the health and comfort of your team and ours. Our materials release fewer odors than other flooring systems. Combined with proper ventilation, this means no lingering smells. There's no need to put your business on hold. You can get back to work without delay. Its low-odor application is ideal for restaurants, hospitals, schools and office buildings. Transform your floors without costly disruptions. Hire professional epoxy flooring specialists today!

Commercial and Industrial Floor Coatings for any Property

Epoxy floor coatings offer incredible advantages no matter your service industry. Its durable, wear-resistant surface can withstand continuous traffic. Here are some of the many industries that count on epoxy floor:

Community Centers
Health and Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturing and Warehouses
Pet Care

When you think of your commercial property's floors, think of epoxy. A professional installation is long-lasting, easy to clean and beautiful. Ready to learn more how epoxy flooring can benefit your commercial business? Contact Baltodano's Drywall & Painting today!